DataSense Data Loss Protection Software Launched

DataSense Data Loss Protection Software Launched

Avexta has recently launched DataSense Data Protect – Data Loss Protection Software, which provides a low cost privacy data detection solution which can find Personal Identifiable Information within data in an enterprise. Using a centralized management interface, the application is able to scan servers and databases for any type of personal data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, passport numbers, and more. Unlike other providers, DataSense lives within it’s own hosted environment, and doesn’t require any endpoints to be installed on the servers that it is scanning.

Data Loss Protection Software Features

It is flexible enough to also allow for users to enter their own data types, to search through their data. There are predefined types that DataSense can search for, which uses contextual and data matching to locate matches.

DataSense Interface

The flexible interface allows IT Departments to configure their searches by allowing to add databases and file servers for searching. DataSense has multi-threaded capabilities, and can scan a variety of machines simultaneously, taking full advantage of the CPU processing, and in doing so, all the hard work is done within the hosted environment, and not within each node.

Integration with other internal systems is simple, since the DataSense API allows for querying of all types of data within it’s database. The DataSense API is a RESTful web service, which allows HTTP Requests and Responses using JSON as the data format for exchange. For example, you can script out all the servers you want to scan, and send an API call to automatically add the servers from your environment. In addition, all results of a data scan are able to be queried by making the appropriate API calls to review results or pull data to your internal systems.

DataSense Infrastructure and Architecture

DataSense can live within a cloud environment or self hosted environment within your enterprise. The infrastructure of DataSense has 3 parts. There are 2 hosted websites, which is the DataSense API, the DataSense UI Central Manager, and the DataSense Poller. The DataSense Poller is the process that handles the load when scanning for PII within your data. The DataSense Poller can be summarized as follows:

Unlike other solutions, which charge on a per machine basis, Avexta’s pricing package is a flat fee per yearly subscription, which means that you can scan as many servers as you want for one fixed price. Also, Avexta allows you to do a trial for a month to test the solution in your environment, free of charge. No additional licensing issues or up charges are required, no matter how many machines you scan. Other solutions can charge up to $125 per desktop/server. If you have an environment of 200 servers, that can run you a cost of 25,000 dollars. You can review Avexta’s pricing structure here:

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