5 Things Data Loss Prevention Software Can Protect Now

5 Things Data Loss Prevention Software Can Protect Now

Here’s something you probably know: Your company’s computers are packed with data. And that data can live in any number of files, servers, databases, or desktop applications. The bigger your company and the larger your customer base, the more data you’re likely to have. Keeping track of it all can be tricky… but it’s essential.


It’s really easy for that data to wind up in the wrong hands. Whether it’s an honest employee mistake or a malicious attack by a hacker, the last thing you want is for sensitive data (especially data belonging to customers) floating around unguarded, unprotected, and unaccounted for.

Data loss prevention software is the most effective way to identify data and protect against catastrophic data loss. In this article, we’ll look at five specific types of data you probably have on your computer that absolutely should be protected and how Avexta’s DataSense can help.

1. Credit Card Numbers

Unfortunately, most of us have, at one time or another, had to deal with the frustration of either losing a credit card or having our card stolen. You never want to be responsible for putting that stress upon your customers. It will lead to loss of credibility and trust.

2. Date of Birth

On its own, DOBs aren’t the most damning thing for a hacker to obtain – but in conjunction with other stolen data (like credit card numbers), hackers can piece together more information about your customers’ identity, which can lead to more harmful repercussions.

3. License Numbers

Hackers can’t open a new credit card with just your license number, but there are other potential negative outcomes: they can tell your license number to a police officer if they get pulled over, write your license number on a check as verification, or even create a fake ID with your digits.

4. Passport Numbers

As with license numbers, stolen passport numbers can be used to create forgeries with a photo of someone else. Hackers could do this for themselves or try to sell fake passports to desperate travelers.

5. Social Security Numbers

Stolen Social Security Numbers (SSNs) can not only be used to obtain more information about your customers (like their address), they can be used to open new credit cards in their name, leading to fraudulent charges and ruined credit scores. You can’t “close” a Social Security Number in the same way you can a lost or compromised bank account. Victims will have to report the theft to the IRS, FTC, local police, and more. Major headache.

How Data Loss Prevention Software Can Help

Now that we’ve explored the dangers of data loss, let’s look at the solution. Avexta’s DataSense searches for personally identifiable information (including the examples above) within your databases and documents to ensure reduction of risk of exposure. It relies on Data at Rest software tools that process data within your environment, acting as a centralized point to identify any contamination.

DataSense doesn’t process data using RegEx (regular expressions), which can lead to unreasonably high costs when dealing with large databases. Instead, DataSense uses hashing algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns within your data, which can process a similarity search almost 100 times faster than doing RegEx – saving you time and money. You’ll get real-time results, giving your IT team the chance to analyze and proactively protect your organization.

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