Avexta’s Data Sense Certified by Platform for Software Reviews as a Rising Star for IT Security Software

Avexta’s Data Sense Certified by Platform for Software Reviews as a Rising Star for IT Security Software

FinancesOnline, a highly reputable software review platform that thousands of businesses rely on to find the best types of IT security software, has recently labeled Data Sense as a Rising Star in our niche.


Leveraging its customer satisfaction algorithm to quantify the comments, opinions and feedback about Data Sense, FinancesOnline’s research reveals that our data search and matching solution is considered a reliable solution by customers. Coupled with the 100 user satisfaction rating and inclusion in the top 20 IT security software tools is the Rising Star title delivered to us by FinancesOnline, granted to the best security solutions based on traction with clients. Positive perception of a product is a clear indicator of its effectiveness in real world application, and we’re glad to have achieved this feat with flying colors


FinancesOnline also conducted a thorough review of our platform, inspecting all elements for a holistic review, from Data Sense pricing to ease-of-use and the various benefits it brings to businesses. After its analysis, FinancesOnline’s team found us deserving of their Great User Experience award, given to solutions that provide an exceptionally pleasing experience for facilitating one’s work processes and tasks.


Software solutions are meant to simplify one’s work processes and enable teams to effectively carry out their tasks. Data Sense allows users to do just that. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s some of the benefits of Data Sense, as stated by FinancesOnline:


  • Benefit from “high precision” for identifying and scoring data matches.
  • Run the platform concurrently in your business environment, identifying and eliminating duplicate data throughout your business operations.
  • Easily “index mountains of data records.”
  • Our “powerful and intelligent search engine” quickly spots patterns throughout your system, database, and documents.


All these positive remarks and awards from FinancesOnline prove that you are in safe hands with Data Sense. For all our users, we greatly appreciate if you can let us know how Data Sense allowed your organization to work on more accurate data linking by leaving a user on FinancesOnline.