Avexta’s Data Loss Prevention and Data Deduplication Software Featured In Ovum Industry Report

Avexta’s Data Loss Prevention and Data Deduplication Software Featured In Ovum Industry Report

We are pleased to report that DataSense, our proprietary data loss prevention and data matching software, was recently featured in the July 25, 2018 edition of On The Radar by Ovum.

In the report, Avexta boosts database integrity via deduplication, Ovum report author Paige Bartley explores the inner-workings of DataSense and how it stands apart from competitors. Acknowledging that, “duplication, and near-duplication, of data is a problem nearly as old as data entry and data storage itself,” the report unpacks the negative repercussions of poor data entry due, often to human error, and the solution: automated, reliable de-duplication.

DataSense’s unique text indexing and real-time probabilistic scoring identifies likely matches in string data, giving organizations the opportunity to detect, merge, and deduplicate data records. Of course, an additional and equally important benefit is having a complete view of said data, which aids data loss prevention efforts and risk assessments.

Bartley also examined the specific features unique to DataSense, quoted below:

  • Avexta DataSense helps resolve the challenge of near-duplicate, similar data entries which need to be associated with a single person, customer, or entity.
  • Operating as middleware, DataSense uses APIs and can be deployed within an existing IT environment or in the cloud.
  • DataSense can index millions of records, and the Big Data Enterprise license allows unlimited node indexing and 20 million records per search index.

“Avexta tackles a perennial challenge in the data management world; one that is necessary to be overcome if organizations hope to achieve a single view of the customer (or entity),” Bartley writes. “While many vendors focus on deduplication, most leverage batch processing methodology; Avexta’s focus on real-time capabilities helps meet the needs of the modern business. The architecture and pricing of the product target the underserved audience of small and medium organizations that have few cost-effective options for data deduplication and merging.”

Thank you to Ovum for including our data loss prevention software, DataSense, in their On The Radar series!

You can access the complete Ovum report here.

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