Data Loss Prevention: Customize A Search

Data Loss Prevention: Customize A Search

Almost all DLP providers allow you to configure a custom search. This allows you to customize a search for a specific string which only your organization would hold within their assets. For example, if you are a system administrator for a school, you would want to perform a custom search on student ids. Unfortunately, university student ids are not standard, and the patterns can vary from school to school.

When configuring a custom search, your DLP vendor will give you an interface to enter a regex or a keyword, and allow you to select additional rules around a match. Most of these interfaces are limited in actions, due to the variety of different rule sets you may have for your custom search. This can be frustrating when trying to eliminate false positives, because being responsible for data, won’t allow you the time to sift through thousands, or even millions of false positives that can arise.

Datasense Approach

Instead of having an endless form with filter customizations, we simplify the custom search by providing webhooks. If you’re not familiar with how webhooks work, here is a great article:

Datasense allows you to create webhooks for any type of search, which includes your custom search. When a potential match is found, this triggers an event and will fire off an HTTP POST to the URL that was configured for the search. This allows you to have control of what action to take, and also sending back a response to the Datasense API to quarantine the file if needed.

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