DLP Alternatives – Protect Your Organization

DLP Alternatives – Protect Your Organization

DLP Alternatives

There are many DLP alternatives which provide a cost effective solution when identifying what’s lurking in your servers. You have over 100 servers and identifying what type of data your organization has is the first step in trying to protect it.

Depending on your budget, in today’s world, DLP software is expensive. For example, Varonis, one of the well respected DLP software vendors in the market, can run upwards of 50,000 dollars per year. Spirion and Digital Guardian would also fall into this category, that along with it can bring a lot of unnecessary features which your organization may not need. The big DLP software vendors have outdated software, which employees have mentioned regarding the type of product that is being delivered. Just because something works, or barely works, doesn’t mean it’s efficient. If your organization is looking for integrations, unfortunately, these companies don’t offer much because they are riddled with technical debt. In doing a search for Digital Guardian API, Spirion API, or Varonis API, Varonis wins as they have a more robust API with their documentation online.

What about the alternatives?

Avexta DataSense has started disrupting the DLP space one scan at a time, and we consider ourselves a strong DLP alternative. DataSense provides you with robust features which include a real time dashboard, server/desktop scanning using shareable pollers, and an API for easy integration with the DataSense Index Engine. Avexta offers a DLP Solution at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. DataSense focuses on identifying sensitive data, and creating an eco-system to work within your organization. Our code base isn’t legacy code, and we are not building things by putting band-aids on legacy code. We provide a true cost-effective, efficient solution, with outstanding support that your organization can count on. The model we use currently allows us to be agile and not be tied up with corporate churn, which slows down the development process. We were shocked to see employees post comments about Digital Guardian, which stated ” Product is old legacy tech and constantly breaks “. How can you run a business like that, and on top of that charge your customers a monumental amount of money. Glassdoor Digital Guard Review:

DataSense Offers a DLP Alternative

Avexta considers itself the ultimate DLP alternative. We work hard to make sure our product satisfies what our customers need, and not pump out widgets. Why do you want to be stuck with a product that provides no integrations, and chugs along a desktop interface maxing out your CPU. Give us a try today, and schedule a demo. If you’re looking to get out from under the “respected” DLP Providers, we’d be happy to help you. And even if what DataSense Offers isn’t enough, we’d be happy to speak with you and provide other alternatives, that are less costly but just as efficient.