How Does Data Loss Prevention Software Work?

How Does Data Loss Prevention Software Work?

Data Loss Prevention

Computers are loaded with sensitive information and data, from the seemingly innocuous (like birthdates) to the kind you’d want carefully guarded (like credit card and social security numbers). Sensitive data can lurk in any number of your files, servers, databases, or desktop applications.

You probably know this, but how often do you think about it? How often do you consider the potential ramifications of a loss of this data? Do you have the proper safeguards in place to prevent data loss? Do you even know what those safeguards are?

Using reputable data loss prevention software is the most effective and efficient way to protect yourself and your organization against catastrophic data loss. The name is straight-forward enough – software that prevents against the loss of data… but how does it work?

Let’s take a look.

What Does Data Loss Prevention Software Do?

Data loss prevention software has two main goals:

  • To identify potential breaches that make data susceptible to loss
  • To prevent breaches by continuously monitoring and protecting sensitive data

How Does Data Loss Prevention Software Work?

Most data loss prevention software relies on specific rules that categorize and protect sensitive data. These rules prevent unauthorized people from sharing data – whether mistakenly or deliberately – that could pose a threat to your company.

Here at Avexta, we built a specially-designed tool, DataSense, that delivers a powerful yet streamlined solution to data loss prevention.

DataSense searches for personally identifiable information within your databases and documents to ensure reduction of risk of exposure. It relies on Data at Rest software tools that process data within your environment, acting as a centralized point to identify any contamination.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t process data using RegEx (regular expressions), which can lead to unreasonably high costs when dealing with large databases.

Instead, DataSense uses hashing algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns within your data, which can process a similarity search almost 100 times faster than doing RegEx – saving you time and money. You’ll get real-time results, giving your IT team the chance to analyze and proactively protect your organization.

Where Can I Demo Data Loss Prevention Software?

At Avexta, we work closely with our customers to identify the best path for remediation and provide guidance on the steps needed to reduce your exposure risk. Not a customer yet? Contact us today to schedule a free demo of DataSense and see for yourself how it can help protect your business from an avoidable data disaster.

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