How DataSense Works

  • Search for Sensitive Data within your environment
  • Perform Real Time Search
  • Analyze Results, Compliance and Risk Management
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  • 1. Searching Sensitive Data

    Inside your environment lies hidden data that can go undetected until an incident occurs. DataSense can search for PII data within your databases and documents to ensure reduction of risk of exposure.

  • 2. Perform Real Time Search

    The DataSense solution relies on Data at Rest software tools that will process data within your environment, acting as a centralized point to identify any contamination. DataSense does not process data using RegEx due to the costly processing time when dealing with large databases. DataSense uses hashing algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns within your data, which can process a similarity search almost 100 times faster than doing RegEx.

  • 3. Analyze Results, Compliance and Risk Management

    Your IT team can analyze the results and be proactive regarding your environment. Avexta works closely with their customers to identify the best path for remediation, and provides guidance on the steps needed to reduce your exposure risk. Avexta doesn't just give you a tool to deploy and let you figure it out. We work closely and review your compliance and risk management procedures in order to ensure that we can remediate, analyze business impact, and prioritize.


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Our Capabilities to search

Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

Credit Card Numbers

License Numbers

Passport Numbers

Birth Dates

Bank Account Numbers

Personal Addresses

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