What Data Sense does

  • Manage Assets
  • Find PII
  • Audit Files

Manage Your Assets First

Data Sense has the capability to manage your assets inside your network. DataSense lives as a middleware component that can integrate withing your environment, and can identify PII in real time. Home grown applications are able to communicate with the DataSense engine via a robust API without complex configurations.

How Data Sense Matches PII

  1. Provide a middle ware solution which can live in your environment or in the cloud.
  2. Ensure operational efficiency by reducing time spent manually or scripting.
  3. Providing real time on demand match results that make it easy for your systems to integrate their own business logic
  4. Increase your database integrity over time by running batch processes which help identify sensitive data.
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Our Product Data Sense

Search for sensitive data, and integrate with on premise or vendor audit software solutions. DataSense offers a real time on demand PII Match engine which can identify sensitive data and integrate with all your internal systems. Improve your asset management and operational efficiency by automating searches and reviewing audited files periodically. DataSense can be used as middleware inside your premises or on the cloud. Our product is an enterprise solution without being a budget killer. Our indexing engine is able to perform comparisons at lightning speeds, providing you with information on where your weak links are. Try us today for free without any type of commitment.

Easy to use API

On-Demand API
Manage and automate asset management.
DataSense engine feeds results into the Datasense Database.
DataSense indexing engine processes PII found.
DataSense API can now receive requests for integration pushing and pulling data.
DataSense API uses the indexing engine to return results and provide flexibility in searching PII.
Datasense indexing engine processes the data at any interval chosen, usually nightly, in order scan your assets.

File Auditing Solution

Data Sense
Real time Search

Data Sense API provides a real time on demand search within your data by using the Data Sense Indexing Engine to perform similarity matches. This real time search integrates inside any environment, and can live inside yours, or in the cloud. Our real time search provides accurate results by scoring all matches found with a similarity index. The Data Sense Indexing engine can handle misspelled words, abbreviations, frequent words, and inconsistent naming such as business names.

Data Sense
Batch File Creation

Data Sense uses it's indexing engine to also run batch processing jobs for comparing records against each other for identifying similarities. This process can identify any duplicate records that are in your database, and can use many different field combinations. You don't have to run different data sets or segment your data, all the indexing engine needs is one full data set and Data Sense will produce an output file with all the similarities with a similarity index score. This saves you an enormous amount of time, when trying to clean up your data, if trying to perform a one time clean up.

DataSense can fill the gaps within organizations by providing integration with your existing systems or SaaS compliance/audit systems.

DataSense can live on premise or on the cloud.

Who we are

Discover what's in your network

DataSense was created to provide an enterprise solution that's simple to use without the overhead. Its agentless capabilities are what sets us apart from the market. Installing agents on your servers is a nightmare, and can cause a lot of processing overhead. Give our solution a try without the commitment.

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